Daisy Biggest Loser Day 1

We decided to do our own weight loss story here at LOAH, using the new Hill’s Metabolic Diet.

Studies have shown that keeping your pet at an ideal weight can actually extend their lives by as long as 2 years! This is Daisy, a 4.5 year old Labrador owned by our receptionist Cathy, and like many Labs, is a vacuum cleaner when it comes to food. Her day one weight is 106.8. Part of the procedure to determine exactly how much of the Metabolic Diet to feed, is measuring skull size, and some other specific measurements. This will result in an ideal weight projection and food plan. Daisy’s projected goal weight is 76 lbs. You can see that Daisy is being very patient during her measuring session!

Stay tuned as we post new pics of Daisy every few weeks! We look forward to a new svelte figure!





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