If you have lost your pet, please send us a picture and information and we will post it on our website.


Tips for Finding a Lost Pet

  • Act immediately!
  • Potential distance & chances of injury increase with time.
    ** Have a current ID tag on your pet.    
    ** Microchip your pet and keep contact information current.
    ** Keep contact information current with your veterinarian and Microchip service so “finders” can easily locate you.
    • Home Again http://public.homeagain.com 1.888.466.3242
    • AVID www.avidplc.com 1.800.652.9977
    • AKC www.akccar.org 1.800.252.7894
  • Post signs at intersections within a 2 mile area of where pet was lost. In addition, post signs at grocery stores, community centers, pet stores, veterinary offices, churches and apartment complex mail boxes. If possible have photo on the signs and fliers.
  • Visit local area animal facilities, personally checking ALL holding areas. File missing dog reports.
    Visit daily or every other day if at all possible.
  • Call Animal Control officers.
  • Notify the police if you believe that your pet may have been stolen:
  • Advertise in newspapers and check “Lost and Found” for at least three months.
  • Search the neighborhood. Walk, ride a bicycle or drive slowly through area several times each day. A lost pet may hide during the day, so be sure to go out again at night with a flashlight and call for him.
  • Ask neighbors, letter carriers and delivery people if they have seen your dog, cat or pet. Give them a copy of your flier with contact info and photo. Some neighborhoods have email listings that can be used to spread the word.
  • If lost anywhere near a busy highway or road, contact your local transportation department, to see if a car has hit your pet.
  • Contact veterinary clinics both in your area and surrounding areas. An animal could be injured, rescued and taken out of the area in any direction for some distance.
  • Leave items with a familiar scent outside your home, or place pet was lost or sighted. A litter box, pet bed or a sweatshirt recently worn by a loved one can attract a pet who has strayed and become disoriented.
  • Online Resources: Post information about your missing pet online. Include complete description, details of how, when, where pet went missing, contact information to get in touch with you, a photo if possible. Keep posting updated with sightings, news, concerns, etc.
    • Craigslist Lost & Found: http://collegestation.craigslist.org/laf
    • Lost a Dog/Found a Dog: http://www.lostadog.com/Texas/index.shtml There is a $10 fee to post on this site. If your city is not currently listed on the site, it will be added. Updates and or sightings will be made or added to your posting on an as needed basis at no charge.
    • Dog Detective: http://www.dogdetective.com The Dog Detective alert System is worldwide network of Dog Detective Members including registered Animal Control Departments, Humane Societies, Rescue Organizations, Search/Rescue Groups, Shelters, No Kill Shelters, SPCAs, Veterinarians, Law Enforcement Agencies, Neighborhood Associations, Educational Institutions, Individuals (Volunteers), Dog Groomers, Pet Stores and Dog Trainers. Ask yours to join now.
    • Find Toto: http://www.findtoto.com Find Toto is a nationwide alert calling system for lost and stolen pets. The system contacts the neighbors in the area where your pet went missing alert within 1 hour of your submission so they can be on the lookout for your missing dog, cat or any missing pet. Think of it as the “Amber Alert” for lost or stolen animals. The message will be a description of your pet, your contact number, and where to view your pet’s picture and information. The fee is based upon how many calls the owner decides to have made.
    • Petfinder.com http://www.petfinder.com Provides a listing of area rescue groups, some specific to breeds. These would be especially valuable if your pet is an identifiable breed or crossbreed.
  • Don’t give up your search – even when you have little hope. Dogs, cats and all animals who have been lost for months have been reunited with their families. If you find your dog, cat or pet, make certain to inform all places you contacted and remove flyers. Otherwise, valuable time is wasted which could be used for animals who are still lost.

You can find local  shelter information here.