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These are the immunizations your pet may be recommended to receive, depending on his/her exposure potential:


Rabies- required by state law; the law currently says a dog must be vaccinated by 4 months of age.  After a dog receives his first rabies vaccine, a second vaccine given 1 year later or earlier will be honored for 3 years.



Canine Hepatitis



Bordetella (“kennel cough”)

Canine Influenza

Lymes Disease



FVRCP- respiratory viruses including feline herpesvirus, calicivirus, and panleukopenia or distemper virus

Feline Leukemia virus

Rabies- required by state law also; our hospital uses a safer, nonadjuvenated rabies vaccine which has a 1- year duration


The professionals at AAHA offer these articles about the topic of disease prevention in pets: