Lake Olympia Animal Hosptial | ServicesRegular professional dental cleaning is an important part of your pet’s overall health.  Plaque, which is an accumulation of bacteria, will progress eventually to periodontitis, and can cause pockets of infection, oral pain and tooth loss.  Chronic dental disease can also affect the body’s kidney and liver function, and even heart disease.

Maintaining your dog and cat’s oral health is one of the most important aspects of their healthcare.  When your pet is admitted in the hospital for a dental cleaning, your veterinarian will do a pre-anesthetic evaluation.  The veterinary technician will then place an IV catheter, and start an IV drip to keep your pet well hydrated, and allow us to have access for any medications that might be needed during the procedure.  After anesthesia is administered and a breathing tube is placed for gas anesthesia, a  complete oral examination follows, examining each individual tooth for mobility, fractures, and periodontal disease.  Dental x-rays can be performed as needed, to evaluate the teeth for any disease not visible during oral exam.  Our technicians then give the teeth a thorough ultrasonic cleaning and polishing, followed by a fluoride treatment.

Lake Olympia Animal Hospital | DentistryAt home dental care

Brushing your pet’s teeth daily will reduce the plaque buildup that leads to dental disease.  Some owners find this very easy, and other pets make it a challenge.    We have solutions for the most challenging pets’ home care—even as easy as a specially formulated daily mouth rinse or a rawhide-type chewie.