Lake Olympia Animal Hospital | ExoticsLake Olympia’s animal hospital proudly provides care to a wide range of pets, including exotics.  If you already share your home with an exotic pet or are considering adding one to your menagerie, we want you to know that we can handle all your avian and exotic animal veterinary medical needs. We provide veterinary care for all species of birds, including parrots, canaries, finches, chickens, waterfowl, and falconry species; small mammals such as mice, rats, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, ferrets, and chinchillas; non-venomous reptiles such as snakes, iguanas, bearded dragons, geckos, and turtles; as well as amphibians.

Veterinary services include annual examinations, preventative health care and blood screenings, spay and neuter surgeries, wing and nail grooming, emergency care, and behavior consultation. We strongly believe in creating the best environment possible for your exotic pet in order to avoid common husbandry related diseases.

Please bring your pet to our veterinary clinic in his or her regular enclosure or cage, so that we may evaluate and improve upon the environment.  If this isn’t possible, please be familiar enough with your pet’s enclosure to adequately convey to your veterinarian the size and type of enclosure, type of substrate used, type of diet offered AND eaten, lighting and heating sources, and cage furniture where appropriate.

Long term health needs a strong foundation to build upon, and we will discuss the specific dietary and husbandry needs for your pet species that will support that foundation. Bringing an exotic pet into your household can be both entertaining and educational.  We want to help you make decisions that will lead to long and healthy relationships with your pet.  Trust the expert veterinarians at Lake Olympia Animal Hospital to assist you with all your exotic pet healthcare needs. Our veteran staff is committed to delivering premier care to your exotic pets!



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